Summer has entered and this July has manifested strongly. We in the workshop, really, to be honest, we are noticing and much. They begin those days of the year when it’s time to stop in the morning to cool off. The temperature rises and suffers more than normal. The same goes for the car battery in summer.

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Both the cold of winter, which complicates the start of the engine, and the heat of summer causes the battery to suffer. High temperatures such as extremely low temperatures cause the car battery in summer and winter to suffer. This affects the performance of the vehicle’s electrical system.

Did you know that … 50% of roadside assistance is due to car battery failures in summer

Yes it is. The reports of different insurers prove it. Around half of the roadside assistance in the hot months is due to car battery failures in summer. Not all are produced directly by heat. There are other factors that add up, such as factory defects or leaving the lights on.

How heat affects the car battery

The car battery in summer and in the other seasons of the year works optimally at about 25ºC. Everything that exceeds or is less than that affects negatively. Its performance is diminished, as well as its useful life.

The problem is when the battery is damaged or has a time and, due to extreme heat, is very touched or, directly, stop working.

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This is because its components wear out. Car batteries carry sulfur molecules and they break down faster with heat. By doing so, the plate deposit increases, the gravity in the electrolytes is lost and, as a consequence, their discharge is accelerated.

Can you imagine staying on your vacation this year because of the problems associated with the car battery in summer?

Check the car battery in summer before going on a trip after 4 years

If your battery has turned 4, you can do several things. The first one we can think of is that you buy a birthday cake and try to see if the candles blow. Something unprofitable, surreal and that can end you with a straitjacket in a psychiatric.

More effective is, without a doubt, to start regular maintenance of it. This will extend its life. In addition, if you are going to make a trip, especially if it is a long journey, we recommend you check its status, from that moment on.

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In Sánchez i Morelló we carry out the revision of the car battery in summer. Bring us your vehicle and we’ll take a look. In addition, we will review other elements that need to be reviewed before your trip, such as those indicated above on our YouTube channel.


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