If you see that your car has very deteriorated paint and you are thinking about painting the car, from Sánchez i Morelló we want to give you some advice.

First, I advise you not to do it on your own. There are many tutorials on the Internet about how to paint the car. . But, from experience, we tell you that it is unfeasible because of the cost of the right machinery to do it. Not worth with a spray can or roller. You are not going to paint a garden wall, but you are going to paint the car, which must resist the atmospheric agents.

pintar el coche 1

But, if still, after this, you still think that you can paint the car, we leave you a video to see if, graphically, we can dissipate your idea.

If you want to paint the car successfully and you want a good finish, you must trust a professional. However, there are many workshops and the choice of the workshop where painting the car is complicated. We give you 4 keys so you can do it.

The four keys to choosing a workshop where to paint the car

Choose several specialists

The first step is to go online or ask trusted people and draw up a list of specialists who can paint it with guarantees.

pintar el coche

Investigate your way of painting cars

Once we have the list, we must call them and ask how they are going to paint the car, in the case of taking them. Ask if they have the color you want, if they use monolayer or bilayer paint and if their procedure is to repaint or remove all the previous paint.

If they use monolayer, it means that they will put single layer provides the vehicle with the color, brightness and hardness.

If they use bilayer, it means that the painting will be divided in two. The first determines the color base and the second the brightness. It is the system used to achieve metallic and pearly finishes.

Closed budget

It is important that the budget given to us in that first contact be closed. You must make clear what you want and that everything you want is included in that price.

pintar el coche

Painting warranty?

Many sheet metal and painting workshops are guaranteed to be painted. Something that gives us peace of mind, not so much because it is a guarantee that allows us to paint it again without any cost, but because it will indicate that the work is of quality and will last.

pintar el coche

If you want to paint the car in Dénia with guarantees, trust in the professionals of a lifetime. Trust Sánchez and Morelló.

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