Many of us consider ourselves authentic experts at the wheel. The years of experience and the mastery of driving and parking have elevated us to a level where our narcissism is rarely surmountable. In this article we want to show that we can be better drivers, taking care of our vehicle and respecting the environment.


When we are in front of a red light, we believe that we are in the pole position of a Formula 1 Grand Prix. We wait for the light to turn green to accelerate, burn the wheel and go out at full speed before the car we have at our side.

This gesture is not recommended because, in the first place, we wear the drawing of the rear wheel (the one that gives us grip) and second we spoil the engine more quickly, having to make more visits to our workshop in Dénia.

In this way we will save fuel, since the injection in charge is lower. Remember, progressive outputs and without sudden acceleration.

Tire pressure

Monitor the pressure of the wheels of your vehicle, since a pressure lower than the recommended will cause greater fuel consumption, and excessive pressure, greater chance of accident or lack of grip on the road.

Also be careful with the weight that you put on your car on a trip, since, sometimes, we think that our car is a “cargo mule” and we overload it with suitcases. This can cause greater consumption and wear of the cushioning, as well as an overweight that causes a complaint of excess weight.

Air conditioner

From Sanchez and Morelló we recommend that, if you drive at a speed below 50km / h, lower the window and enjoy the refreshing air. Otherwise, if you go by road, highway or highway at higher speed, use the AACC. This is due to the consumption of the air in compensation with the fuel tank, since it is truly notorious the expense it produces. On the other hand, when traveling at a higher speed, the outside air causes greater resistance inside the vehicle and causes greater consumption.


Remember to brake slowly and not suddenly or with a high-speed engine brake. This will cause more wear of the brake pads and less possibility of engine breakage.

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