our mechanics, sheet metal and paint shop.. We are great specialists in repairing sheet metal, painting, restoration and mechanics in general.

We are a third generation </ strong> company founded in 1979, being originally a sheet and paint shop . Formed by an entrepreneurial collective; with a great training and experience in both the sheet and the paint. We seek to position ourselves in the sector as a trust workshop , where the personalized treatment </ strong> is a high added value, maintaining a positive and human differentiation.

We also have a great roadside assistance , we are associated with a variety of insurance such as: Zurichlínea directafiatcdirect segurosaxacatalana occidente.



Sheet Metal Repair

A large workshop specializing in sheet metal repair deals with basically working with metal sheets to carry out the work and giving them certain forms or altering their layout or status >

We perform:

  • Repair of dents in general.

  • Understanding and use of the bench

  • Repair of plastics.

  • Budgets for surveys.

  • Welding for a multitude of objects and materials.

  • Replacement and gluing of moons.

  • Understanding and fiber repairs.

  • Dismantling and assemblies.

  • Repair of seats.

  • Repair of locks and derivatives.

  • And in many cases, disassembling dashboards, mechanical elements, etc

Vehicle Painting

From the car creation the paint was used to decorate and embellish </ strong>, to give it a more attractive look. But that is not the main function of painting, since the most important of all is the prevention of metal corrosion.

Anticorrosive paint

Helps prevent rust and gives a matte tone </ strong>, which helps the plasterer to find possible imperfections on the surface to correct them. By using a suitable shade of gray we help the color to be applied to cover faster and not distort.

Pintura de color

Normalmente las pinturas de colores sólidos dan una terminación semibrillo y las pinturas perladas dan una terminación opaca. Actualmente existen dos tipos de tecnología de la pintura de color: Base Solvente y Base Agua.

Acrylic Lacquer

Named as protective paint . It serves to give a brighter finish and also fulfills the function of protecting the paint in the face of weather conditions, such as rain, snow, etc.

Types, mixtures, colors.

  • Acrylics

  • Polyurethane

  • Polyester

  • Solid

  • Mate

  • Pearl

  • Metallized

  • Litmus

General Mechanics

The mechanics studies and applies the principles of physics and mechanics for the generation and transmission of movement in automotive systems, such as mechanical traction vehicles.

The mechanical term is mainly used to refer to all the professionals who deal with the construction of industrial equipment and machinery , as well as their assembly and maintenance when the machines they are in service. All professionals have a good variety of mechanics specialties according to the task they develop: For example in the workshops and factories of construction of equipment and machinery , the mechanics are They specialize according to the machine tool they handle.

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