This is the question we always ask when buying a car and we end up asking at the dealership. From Sánchez i Morelló, as a vehicle workshop specialized in repair and mechanics, we will help you.

First of all we must know that they are each one of them.



– The distribution chain is a metallic chain of links, something similar to what we would see on a bicycle or a motorcycle, but larger and more resistant. Although years ago it was used by most cars, the truth is that today its use is currently a minority, being mounted in about 20% of cars.





– The timing belt , however, is a synthetic strip, made of rubber, rubber and nylon; that has the smooth outer surface and the internal toothed in order to be coupled to the pulleys. It is a relatively new element in the automotive world (previously used chain) and has been adopted by almost all manufacturers. Currently it is carried by the vast majority of cars we see in the market.

Advantages and disadvantages
  • The main advantage of the distribution chain is its reliability. It has an almost unlimited lifespan, manufacturers say that lasts the same as the engine and therefore, a priori, replacement is not necessary. It is very unlikely that it will break due to its great resistance, avoiding major breakdowns.

  • One of its main disadvantages is that it emits more noise than a belt, due to the use of metallic components, although manufacturers have improved the soundproofing of the engine. Despite its great resistance, it is also possible that with the passage of kilometers present small gaps. It is a case that only appears after intensive use and rarely before 250,000 kilometers.

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