The arrival of high temperatures has a decisive influence on many of the elements of the vehicle. Summer is always a major wear and tear on the state of the car in general and that is why it is important to carry out the proper checks and maintenance at all times.

Damages increase

It is not strange that the summer period is the time of year when most breakdowns occur. According to data released by a study by the Royal Automobile Club of Spain, last summer the mechanical problems increased by 60% during the last week of June and the first half of July.

Many of the faults that occur in cars during the hottest months of the year are related to problems in the air conditioning system or air conditioning; to avoid them it is better not to use the cooling system in an abusive and constant way. When starting the vehicle we can open the windows and turn on the air conditioning only when the interior temperature has matched with the outside.

The engine loses power

One of the most important disadvantages associated with heat is the loss of engine power, even reducing by up to 15%. Hot air carries less oxygen and the fuel takes longer to burn.

The loss of power is also produced by the use of air conditioning or climate control.

To deal with this problem it is necessary to have spark plugs and air filters in good condition.

The tires get hot

The tires suffer on heating with temperatures and high speeds. It is important to control the pressure of the same, since if it is at low levels, the tread will heat much more.

The high temperatures accumulated in the road greatly increase the risk of suffering a puncture.

The brakes wear out more

The brakes also get hotter than normal during the summer. Before undertaking any trip, make sure that the coolant does its job well and that there is no loss of it anywhere. Otherwise, the car will brake badly and the discs may become deformed.

Paint deteriorates easily

Body paint loses its luminosity due to the impact of the sun and high temperatures. To avoid this aesthetic deterioration it is advisable to wash the car often and apply some wax that absorbs the ultraviolet rays.

To avoid this paint damage and to make the car’s living room literally an oven, always try to park in the shade and use a sun visor on the front windshield. You can also use it on the back, as well as use protectors so that your steering wheel does not get hot.

All the problems of the car associated with heat can be fought with small tricks and above all with a good set-up. And what do you do to keep your car in summer?

If you want to have your car ready and avoid last minute problems and unnecessary contingencies, come to our workshop and we will perform a complete overhaul to your vehicle.

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