Being aware of the importance of the oil change will lead to the conservation of your car’s engine.

Every vehicle requires a good maintenance, which includes being aware of the engine oil to work perfectly, as it helps keep the moving parts lubricated and protected from corrosion.

Some time ago, each manufacturer recommended changing the oil every 5,000 km, because if it was not done, mud would start to form in the engine, which would reduce the performance of the engine and the moving parts could be damaged.


Nowadays it is no longer the case, thanks to the modern oils that contain additives that have improved them in terms of viscosity; and in general, they are manufactured under high engineering standards, so some are changed every 10,000 km or more.

As each car manufacturer is different, so is its recommendation on the time it must take to change the oil in its units.

Check the user manual that your vehicle brings, the time established for the oil change, which will depend on the particular characteristics of the engine, as well as the type of car.

For maximum protection, most oil companies say oil should be changed every three or six months (almost 8,000 km), regardless of how you drive.

When you use a synthetic oil, the maximum recommended time to change it is 2 years, while the period is reduced to one year if you use a mineral or semi-synthetic oil.

In the case of a new engine with little or no wear, it can probably be maintained in good condition with almost 20,000 km without changing the oil.

By accumulating kilometers, more fuel is injected without burning in the crankcase, which dilutes the oil. This causes the oil to be damaged. So if it is not changed frequently, it can cause accelerated wear as well as:

  • Problems in the machine

  • A reduction in engine performance

  • Decrease in gasoline consumption

  • Increase in oil emissions and consumption

  • That the engine components (gaskets and pistons) do not work well due to lack of proper lubrication

  • That the vehicle does not work well

  • You do not realize if the engine has a problem (it is burning oil too fast or has a leak)

When you change the oil, you can also know if the engine coolant leaks and mixes with the oil.

If you make oil changes as part of preventive maintenance, it is cheap to avoid engine wear and you will save money in the long term by keeping your car more than three years in good condition.

But if despite your care the oil that you put on your car is not the right one, you will have to change it in advance due to the alteration in the quality of the oil.

Remember that due to the number of times you start in cold, and not so much for the kilometers traveled by your vehicle, the deterioration of the oil occurs. That is, if you use your car several times to travel short distances that do not add up to 5 km starting the engine cold, the quality of the oil decreases causing greater wear, unlike if you made a road trip of 200 kilometers.

Keep in mind that when the oil loses quality it does not give signals in the short term, but in the long run it wears out the engine and increases the oil consumption.

The people who sell oil will recommend that you change it to 5,000 kilometers, because they want you to buy a new one, so check your vehicle’s manual so that it can be changed at the indicated time.

If after this brief explanation you do not know how and when to change it, stop by our workshop in Dénia and ask us without any commitment.

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