The private vehicle is a fundamental tool in the day to day of our society, and although breakdowns have reduced its impact, it is advisable to have a trustworthy workshop always at hand.

It is estimated that around 28 million vehicles circulate in Spanish territory today. Of these, the tourisms have a majority representation, since it is estimated that there are around 22 million. In many cases, its use is linked to essential tasks in our daily life such as going to work, making purchases, taking children to school, etc. Therefore, and more with the arrival of winter and its increase in breakdowns, it is advisable to have at hand the number of at least a couple of workshops to approach us in case we suffer an unforeseen event.

However, choosing a good workshop is not always easy. The ideal is to leave it in the hands of a professional who solves, as soon as possible, the problems that our car may have and in the most efficient way possible. But how? Below, we give you some of the keys that we must take into account when we select our trusted workshops and when managing our breakdowns with him:

Make sure that we are facing a professional

Although one of the things that most concern us when we have a breakdown is the “How much is going to leave the joke?”, We should not underestimate the quality of the repair. We must avoid resorting to the odds, which will surely come to the end more expensive. The professional workshops have a distinctive plaque on the door detailing: the acronym of the province, the industrial registration number and the activity that develops.

Take a look at the Internet

The Internet offers us the possibility of reaching a type of information that would otherwise be impossible. We speak of the opinions of the habitual users of a workshop or of those that in a certain moment have made use of it. The data you provide will be of great help, since we can obtain information, for example, on those workshops that are more specialized or that stand out for solving a specific breakdown, or those in which the change of wheels is cheaper, etc.

Clear conditions, without small print

Seriousness is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a workshop. When the mechanic makes a first diagnosis of the fault, it is advisable to request a quote for the repair. If this is written, it is an even greater security, so as not to scare us when it comes to paying. Remember that asking for a budget does not have major implications and if it does not seem appropriate you can always not accept it

Unknown damages

We went to the workshop for a breakdown related, for example, to the battery in our vehicle. When we go to pick up our car, we find that during the repair the mechanic has discovered other problems. In these cases we must know that the workshop has a period of 48 hours to let you know the hidden defects and, only with your consent, you can also proceed to its settlement.

Disaggregated invoice

If the budget did not include a breakdown of all the charges made, only the final price, the invoice itself must, however, be detailed. Each one of the expenses (of pieces, labor, etc.) must appear on the invoice accompanied by a description of them.

Because of all this, we invite you to visit our mechanical center in the Dénia industrial estate, next to the Seat dealer, and check the professionalism of our technical service.


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