Keeping the inside of your car clean is as important as keeping the exterior well maintained . It is good for both your health and for your peace of mind to keep it clean. In our workshop we always recommend the best for our customers, that’s why we want to help you clean the stains of your car.

1- Test the stain remover before using it . You do not want the stain remover to ruin the upholstery, so be sure to test any stain remover first on a discrete stain before using it.

2 – Perform a treatment before the difficult spots on leather . For difficult spots on leather upholstery, pre-treat the leather with a conditioner. Then apply a stain remover for leather and rub it on the stain. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and clean it.

3 – Clean ink stains. For ink stains, use hair spray or alcohol mixed with water. Spray the lacquer on the stain and dry it with a damp and clean cloth to avoid spreading the ink or letting it run over the upholstery.

4 – Cleans greasy and oily spots . For oily and greasy stains, such as lipstick or food grease, use a diluted formula of paint thinner and a cotton cloth . Place a little of the solvent in a glass and add the same amount of water. Dip a cotton cloth in the glass and rub it against the stain. Sprinkle the stain with salt or corn flour and let it sit overnight. Aspira this section of the upholstery.

  • Be sure to test the paint thinner in your upholstery to make sure it does not stain or ruin the material.

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5- Clean coffee stains. If you spill coffee, dilute it with cold water and dry it with a paper towel. Apply a little glass cleaner and let it sit for 5 minutes. Dry it again with a paper towel to further dissipate the stain.

  • Always dry the spots. Never rub them so they adhere more to the upholstery of your vehicle.

  • If the coffee stain is still visible, rub the upholstery with dishwashing liquid and rinse it with warm water. Dry the area again with towel papers and then dry it with a hair dryer . Hold the dryer at least several centimeters away from the stain so you do not burn the upholstery.

Cleanses vomit spots If someone gets dizzy in your vehicle and vomits on the seat or floor, clean it as quickly as possible to prevent it from settling on the upholstery . Clean the excess of vomit and dilute the stain with cold water. Wash the area with mild soap and warm water. Then, neutralize the stain by pouring a small amount of carbonated water onto a cloth and rubbing it against the stain.

  • Alternatively, you can use a paste of a mixture of baking soda and water. The bicarbonate will also help absorb the smell.

Clean blood stains Blood can be a difficult spot to remove . Do not use hot water or soap, as this will settle the stain. Soak a cloth in cold water and rub it against the blood stain. Rinse the cloth in cold water and rub again until the stain dissipates.

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