In a few hours countless vehicles began to circulate on the Valencian roads in the operation out of Easter, where many of us travel to vacation spots to disconnect from work routine and enjoy a few days off between friends or family.

The destinations are varied, coming from religious places, among them are cities like Seville or Granada, as banners of the processions.

Many others choose the last snowflakes left in the main mountains,both in the Catalan and Aragonese  Pyrenees , where the entrance of a new storm will leave a good layer of snow on the ski slopes. Also in the Sierra Nevada, although with less quantity due to the mild heat that is reaching the capital of Granada, there will be an excellent occupation.

Last and most important, it will be the rural world, where houses and rural hotels in rustic areas of the national territory. They are visits where you are looking for contact with nature, the cool of the mountains and breathe pure air, outside the agglomerations of large cities.

“Remember, the important thing is to arrive”

90% of these trips will be made by car, so it is highly recommended to prepare your vehicle in conditions for this output, checking the condition of the filter and oil, the tire pressure, the condition of the brakes and steering, being the main causes of accidents caused by aspects related to vehicles.

On the other hand, remember to drive a maximum of 2h and rest properly, remember to drink energy drinks, soda or coffee, to maintain constant attention on the road, use only the trunk of luggage and not the rest of seats, since, before a accident, could become “missiles” that produce heavy blows to the occupants, remember to buckle up and above all keep speed and constant safety on the road.

¡From Sánchez i Morelló we hope you enjoy your trip and this Easter party!

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