Both in the cold and hot months, it can become our best ally. Helps us withstand adverse weather conditions and, in times of road retention, has come to suppose life or death having it or not equipped.

We talk about air conditioning, a system that acquires complexity and sophistication over the years – Active filters, climate control or Cuatrizona, evaporator, etc.-and that does not work as simple as it might seem.

However, in the months of moderate temperatures, which, fortunately, on our land are given and much, we forget about it until the next extreme season. In winter it passes to oblivion until summer, without having recharged, revised or checked.

This year, the heat won’t catch you off guard. If you follow our 3-step system, your air conditioner will be in perfect condition for the summer.

When it doesn’t work well is it always because it needs to be recharged?

No, no and No. Absolutely not. Not always the problem is the recharge.In a recently purchased car, it will suffice to recharge after two years, after cleaning the entire system.

So, what steps should I follow to find out if my car needs a recharge of the air conditioner or if it needs another type of action?

Here they go:

Step 1: Check the filter

Sometimes the problem is in the filter, because it is dirty and clogged. This dirt makes the air not reach the passenger cabin of the vehicle. This breakdown, more common than one can imagine, is due to the bad maintenance of the car.

If so, calm down. It is not a serious breakdown and, in addition, its repair is not expensive. The filter can be cleaned or replaced. In any case, little thing in relation to other possible causes.

Step 2: Check the electrical system

The problem can also be electrical. The thing is, if so, something is complicated. Some connections, fuses or parts of the electrical circuit may not change.

Step 3: Check the air conditioning system

If they tell you that the problem is a gas leak in the air conditioning system, they are giving you, no doubt, bad news.It’s bad because the air conditioner is a closed circuit without refrigerant gas leaks. You may lose some gas, but it is imperceptible in the use of the vehicle. If there is a leak, it is because the tube, the capacitor or the evaporator, mainly, have a leak.

If you recharge the air conditioner often and you always have problems, not that it is unloaded, is that you have a leak that makes you lose gas in a constant way.

How do I get my conditioning system ready and smooth?

Very easy. Like everything in this life, it is always better to prevent than to cure… and cheaper. If you carry a proper maintenance of your vehicle, in general, and your air conditioning system, in particular, you will save a lot of money.Some parts may deteriorate over time and even come to a break; So it is better to anticipate that happening and act ahead.

Start your air conditioning system running at least once a month and for a quarter of an hour. If something fails, you’ll find out for yourself.

It’s no use recharging the air every time I throw it out and it doesn’t work. Better to invest in the periodic maintenance of your car, always leaving it in the hands of official workshops, authorised and, ultimately, in the hands of professionals. They will be in charge of cleaning the air conditioning circuit, accompanied by an anti-bacterial treatment. In addition, after two years, you will be recommended to replace the filters and recharge your refrigerant gas tank.

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