Now that we live in the automotive world, we are looking for more and more vehicles that provide us with greater safety and resistance. In this search we browse numerous forums, seeing their aesthetics, prices, opinions of users, engine typology or other technical characteristics that will convince us of the purchase, but in reality, we will not be totally objective with our acquisition.

In this search, an important point of decision must be reliability. We must look for a vehicle that guarantees us the least technical problems and, obviously, the price usually influences this decision. A car like a Dacia, Renault’s second brand, with simple features and low-quality materials, such as plastic sheeting, and low-cost interiors can not be equally safe and resistant. Hence, its low cost, costing, in its 4×4 version, without any extra, a price of 10,000€.

While vehicles like the German brand Mercedes Benz, uses quality materials, with a safe and resistant body, with a price in its 4×4 version at 45,000 €

This difference, obviously, is due to numerous characteristics, among the most important, the techniques and materials used, although it is true that the brand has a specific weight in this great increase.

From the United States, a study has been carried out to assess which vehicles are the most reliable and which provide the greatest resistance, avoiding the visit to the workshop on an ongoing basis, and this is the result.

Asking more than 100,000 people, it has been concluded that the Lexus brand, Toyota’s high-end subsidiary, is the most reliable vehicle, with only 1 average visit to the workshop every 2 years. They follow closely, Porche and Infiniti, with just 3 visits.

By contrast, the American brand, Chrysler, is the least reliable with more than 15 visits to the car workshop in just 2 years.

A real suspense to a brand with almost 100 years of history that makes you distrust before a vehicle that exceeds 35,000 € in the market before its more economical range.

So, remember, before buying a vehicle, stop by our workshop and find out which is the most recommended vehicle to purchase. We will help you without obligation!

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