There are many families who decide to make their vacations in August. And they do it, on many occasions, accompanied by their vehicle. So, the car becomes the preferred method of transportation a large majority, something that makes the roads more easily saturated and the breakdowns multiply, especially those caused by risk factors such as heat or lack of maintenance.

That is why a good review is key before leaving. Still, in these you can go through something some elements that have a tendency to spoil during the summer months, or some changes that are necessary for the car to circulate in full conditions. Therefore, it is important for the same drivers to remember the parts they play before embarking on a trip.

Always take the triangles in the car


Keep in mind all liquids

There are many fluids that hydrate our car or make a function that, in one way or another, is vital for the optimal operation of our vehicle. Some of them would be the engine oil (and its filter), the oil from the gearbox, the antifreeze liquid, or the brake fluid.

Remember when you changed each of them and if you have doubts or if necessary, renew them.There are some of these fluids that are often forgotten, such as the gearbox, which, although rarely needs an intervention, it’s not a bad idea to check that the gears work perfectly.

Shock absorbers

The shock absorbers are especially important during the months that we carry the car more loaded than it is usual. The front shock absorbers are in charge of supporting the car’s load, among other important functions for the correct operation of our car.

If our shock absorbers are not in good condition, we can notice how we lose stability in the curves, that our car leans forward when braking, or that the tires wear out irregularly.

The Brake Discs

If there is something that is crucial to driving safely, it is that our car is in full power to slow down.This is why it is necessary to renew the brake discs when necessary. A clear sign of this is that we notice a strong vibration in the direction of braking. Its cost is not exaggerated high (about 100€) and will provide us with the necessary security to circulate calm.

The water pump

If there is something important in summer, it is that the motor of our car does not reach infernal temperatures that can end with its life. Here the water pump plays a crucial role, since it causes the coolant to circulate normally, so that the engine remains refrigerated. If we notice that there is some leakage of the liquid, it is time to change the water pump, something that can cost about 70€.

Fuente: La Vanguardia

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