At present, and with the amount of offers that exist in new vehicles, there are always times when we consider buying a new car, sometimes because of the need, since we have a small car and we are considering having a family and that it forces us to adapt our life to that moment, or, on the contrary, we have had a big car always and now we want, for convenience, to acquire a smaller and more manageable vehicle for the city and for a bigger and better parking. Even, in some occasions, we acquire a new and brand new car for the simple whim of renewing.

With this casuistry, we began to see in buying portals how much they would give us for our car, how much it cost us or how much I would like to perceive for it.

We make these calculations practically by eye, without knowledge and presenting a vehicle in excellent conditions and, as we all know, the vast majority is not like that.


Used cars tend to suffer, day by day, a natural wear on the outside due to improper apartment, maneuvers that cause friction and scratches, or even small accidents that cause a defect in the sheet impossible to eliminate naturally with products Anti-scratch miracle.



Therefore, and the purpose of this post is the recommendation we made from our workshop to take your vehicle to your trust center and make a thorough repair of the exterior and of course, the interior (steering, wheels, upholstery, engine, filter, oil …) before selling it, because in this way you can ask for an acceptable amount for the transaction and get more profitability on the sale of the vehicle, without entering into negotiations or bargaining with the future buyer for these damages that end up lowering the sale price.

If you are thinking about selling your car do not hesitate to come to our workshop and we will budget all those details that you need to repair, helping and advising you on the price that it is advisable to sell before and after the repair, so that, in this way you have an opinion professional and warranty.

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