Does anyone remember that episode of The Simpsons in which Homer tried to load the gear in the car as if it were the Tetris game? As has been demonstrated on several occasions, the yellow family always foresees what, years later, will end up happening in reality. Perhaps, that chapter in which reference was made to the famous game of the 80s predicted the reality that you will live this Christmas. Maybe, you will not be able to place all your Christmas shopping in the trunk of your car. Maybe, so you do not have to resort to Tetris, you should read these five tips that will make you happy for Christmas.

In addition to extreme precautions at the wheel, the fact of using our vehicles much more during this magical time of the year obliges us to turn them into our best allies, as they will help us carry from one place to another both the gifts we buy and, for example , Christmas tree. But, in order to avoid preventable problems, we will have to pay attention to these five simple tips.

Where do I transport the Christmas tree?

Before buying any tree, we must take into account the measurements of our car, with the aim of transporting it to our house does not suppose an authentic nightmare. In case it is bulky, it should be loaded on the roof and never on the rear seats, with 15% of its length protruding from the rear of the vehicle – as indicated by current regulations.

How do I place Christmas shopping?

Gifts, nougat … The same goes. Whatever our purchase, we will place it in the trunk and in no case in the rear tray or seats. In addition, good advice is to put the heavier packages down and the further back the better, placing the lighter ones up.

Can I wear a coat while driving?

It is recommended not to drive with a coat. In the same way, we will also avoid doing it with gloves, scarves or other garments that hinder our free movement and thus compromise our safety. We must regulate the thermostat of the vehicle, to circulate with a comfort temperature of 22ºC.

How do I demist the crystals?

During this time of the year, it is completely normal for the glass in our vehicle to fog up. Our options are: wiping the cloth or scrubbing it with your hand, although it is recommended to activate the vehicle demisting function and put the air conditioner in automatic position to eliminate moisture from the air.

How can I get home more safely?

During these dates, it is recommended to take extreme precautions, helping the different drivers, such as the detector of other vehicles and pedestrians.

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