During the summer is when we make more trips with the car to take advantage of the good weather. Whether to enjoy a day, a weekend or spend several weeks of vacation we move by road to our desired destination, in a coastal or mountain area. And it is at this time of year when the body of the vehicle suffers the most.

From Sanchez and Morelló we want to help you protect your vehicle with some simple tips:

1. Park under covered

Always try to park in the shade, because prolonged exposure to the sun will damage the paint of the car. Not only will the color lose its brightness and intensity, but it can also leave marked any dirt of the body. Another option is to protect the car with a tarp.



2. Avoid traveling on sand

Sand is a very abrasive element that can damage the body, so you have to avoid traveling in areas where it accumulates, such as the beach. If the vehicle has finally been dirtied with sand, we should remove it with plenty of water and without rubbing.



3. Clean bird droppings without delay

With the heat of the sun, both the sheet and the paint expand microscopically while the excrement of the bird, which is also acidic, dries up. When the night comes or the temperature drops a little, they cool and contract, molding themselves to the remains of the feces, leaving a signal that is sometimes very difficult to eliminate.



4. Eliminate bugs from the body as soon as possible

As with bird pooping, you should also clean as soon as possible the remains of bugs that have been embedded especially in the front of the vehicle. It is very common to run over insects while we are traveling, so that the windshield, the car’s exterior mirrors, the license plate and the radiator fill us with these bugs.




5. Wax the car

The beginning of summer is a good time to apply that recommended waxing once a year. In this way, the paint will be more protected and will better withstand the external aggressions that we are discussing, preventing them from reaching deeper layers of the paint and facilitating the cleaning of the vehicle. In our car workshop in Dénia you can make this waxed.



6. Wash the car whenever necessary

The best care for car paint is a delicate weekly wash. According to the use we make of the vehicle, and based on the recommendations made, it is possible that in summer we should do it more frequently. Also from our car workshop you can bring your vehicle and we will perform a wash of your complete vehicle

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