The purpose of the pre-ITV review of the car is to put the car in order for it to pass the Technical Vehicle Inspection without problems. That is, it is to go to the workshop before undergoing the revision required by law to correct possible defects that your car may present and ensure that you circulate with guarantees.

It is recommended that you check your car in the workshop at least once a year. If the time has come to pass the ITV, with more reason. In a pre-ITV review, your workshop will check the status of all those elements that will later be controlled by the technical inspectors.

Systems of brakes, lights, tires and emissions are some of the aspects to take into account, and those that most defects tend to present, but not the only ones. It is also important to verify that the vehicle data: make, type, number of frame and registration match those of the Circulation Permit and the Technical Inspection Card.

It is necessary to check that the exterior of the car is in good condition. Both rear view mirrors and windows and license plate, as well as the conservation of the body and the underside of the vehicle. And that the visibility is correct.

The inner state is also important. It is necessary to check that the doors, windows, locking mechanisms and safety belts work, and that the signaling and lighting elements – crossing lights, turn signals, brake light, reverse gear and road – are in perfect condition.

The condition of the brake circuit, as well as the suspension and axles, will also be checked in the workshop. Also the direction, watching for possible slack.

Motor and transmission are other aspects to control, as well as noise levels and, of course, emissions.

So if you are about to have to pass the ITV and want to do it with guarantees, avoiding unnecessary losses of time, come by Sánchez i Morelló. Request an appointment in the number: 96 578 54 79

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