With the arrival of summer there are many people who have put in their mind a vacation with the aim of being able to disconnect and return with renewed energy. Although many trips are made with public transport (such as the plane, train or bus) there are others who prefer the convenience of having their own vehicle for travel. If this is the case you have to take into account a series of tips to be able to travel in peace. From the same Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) they warn that, during the summer period, a greater number of trips is counted, which leads to a more intense circulation and, by sections, congested. It also happens that many drivers choose to continue their journey at night with the idea of ​​arriving at their destination as soon as possible and visibility is always lower. To this we must add that the long haul routes are increased, which makes the probability of having an accident increase. With all the above in mind we are going to break down the main tips that should be taken into account before getting on the road.

Insurance for cars.

It is mandatory at the time of circulation to have at least third party insurance which covers, in case of accident, the other party involved in it. Although this is the most basic insurance do not forget that you can include extras such as roadside assistance, in case you have a breakdown, for example, halfway through the trip. This type of coverage can be added, without any problem to the policy that has been contracted with just contact the insurer. It is a good way to make sure that, precisely when the vehicle is going to be used the most is backed up, if necessary.

Review in a workshop.

Unless you have mechanical knowledge it is best to ask for an appointment and professionals to check that everything is ready. We refer to basic things such as brakes, tires, oil … Of course, if there is a major fault must be repaired as soon as possible. In the case where everything is correct will be a minor procedure that will only require a significant outlay and that will make a difference when it feels safe on the road.

Extras that have to go in the vehicle.

Never forget the triangles, the reflective vest, the cat, a spare wheel and a basic toolbox. This can save more than one hurry and, most importantly, makes us visible in areas where there is little visibility, which can prevent the incident from being even more serious. To the above, of course, you should always add basic documentation, such as car papers and driver’s license. It is also worthwhile to put comfortable shoes, especially when it is planned that the route to cover is long, and summer clothes. Being comfortable at the wheel is important.

Check the weather report.

First of all you have to take a few minutes and see what landscape will appear on the road from the point of departure to the destination. In addition, there are usually general recommendations in which the most conflicting points are reported and to avoid because they usually endure more traffic jams or have an accident. In this case, the radio turns out to be a great ally. According to the DGT, in addition, every two hours of driving it is advisable to take a break of about 20 minutes to stretch your legs, eat, drink, go to the bathroom or whatever. And, of course, in the case of feeling tired, it is much better to make an unexpected stop and spend the night rather than risk and follow the wheel.


Traffic signs and standards are for a very specific reason: to preserve the safety of everyone. Before starting, all occupants of the vehicle must wear the seat belt. In addition, always be aware of the speed limits and leave a safe distance to ensure greater maneuverability, if necessary.

Sunglasses and parasol.

At times when the sun strikes in such a way as to impede visibility, it is recommended to use the sun visor and sunglasses to ensure that the road remains visible without difficulty.

Allies against the heat.

Air conditioning can help a lot to make driving more enjoyable. To this we must add the occasional cold drink (non-alcoholic, of course) for the road. In the event that you have to park or park, you should try to leave the car in a shaded area so that when you pick it up again it is not unpleasant.

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